Extenuating Circumstances Form

Students can claim Extenuating Circumstances for non submission or late submission of assessments. Late submission is only permitted up to 10 working days after the original deadline.

Students can claim for non submission of resit assessments but students cannot submit resit work after the resit deadline.

Students should refer to the Student Regulations Framework Section 4 for full details and discuss their claim with Caroline Broad, Academic Information & Guidance Co-ordinator in Student Support.

Students can claim at any time until the end of year boards normally in July (the deadline for claims relating to resit assessments is just before the resit board meets in early September). 

Claims will be considered throughout the year and if the outcome is clear, students will be emailed with the outcome.  If the outcome is not clear, students will be emailed with guidance.

Sometimes students are asked to provide additional evidence, if this is the case, as soon as the additional evidence is provided to Registry Services the claim will be considered again.

Students are advised to submit claims as situations arise.