Accessing your N: drive from home with the VPN

Accessing your N: drive from home through the Marjon Virtual Private Network (VPN)

"Virtual Private Network" is a fancy sounding name for what is in reality a very simple service. It provides you with access to your University network file storage area (N: drive) when you are not directly logged in to our network, either off campus or connected via the campus wi fi network. Your network file storage area sits inside a protected part of the network and normally access to it is not allowed from outside this protective firewall. If you login to the VPN it allows you access through the firewall to your n: drive.

To use the VPN point your web browser at and enter your username and password. The 'Domain' field does not need to be changed and should say “MJNET”.

Sonicwall login screen

Once logged in click the link labelled “N: Student Home Drive” then look for a folder called “MyWork” and double-click to enter your work folder.

Link to your home drive

Once in there you can copy files between your N: drive and your own computer. 

Screenshot of a browser window after clicking on N: Student Home Drive

There is another use of the VPN which might be of interest to those of you who do printing on the University printers. Follow the link to “Check Printer Credits”. You have to login again! I know this is a bore but we can't always get systems to talk to each other in the way we would prefer. Once you are logged in you can check how many credits you have on the system. You can even send files for printing via the 'Web print' option however you still need to be on campus with your library card in hand to release the job from a printer.

Last modified: Friday, 6 February 2015, 4:05 PM