Campus Wi-Fi Network

Snapshot from a wifi analyzer app on campusThe campus wi fi network is called MJCAMPUS. This is the means by which you can connect your own devices to our network and the internet. The wi fi network covers all buildings on campus including the halls of residence and 'The Village'.

How it works?

When you bring a device onto campus and try to connect it, mjcampus appears to be an open and unsecured network. In the sense that you can make the initial connection without a password this is true but it is not true that it is unsecured. The security level just lies a bit deeper than normal. Connecting a device for the first time puts it in a 'sandbox'. This means that the only thing it can do is to receive a web page which asks for your University username and password. Once you have authenticated yourself the connection restarts in the normal mode which gives you access to the University servers and the internet beyond. 

When it doesn't work

The Computing and Media Services Department takes great pains to try to ensure that there is full wi-fi coverage, particularly in the residences and any other place you might want to work such as in and around the Library, however with a large number of different access points to maintain it is inevitable that problems will occur. If you have trouble getting a wi-fi connection in a particular location please go to to the Computing and Media Services Helpdesk and let them know about it.

Since problems are often caused by interference from other signals it might be useful to describe this issue in more detail.

Interference Problems

On Campus your device will see the MJCAMPUS network which is the one you need to connect to. There are other signals you might see but should ignore:

  • Eduroam - will be seen in the vicinity of the PAHC building and the library. It is for use by the University of Plymouth students and by students from other institutions visiting the campus.
  • Paph will be seen in the vicinity of A block. It is a private network used by some staff working at the University.
  • In the Village adjacent to the housing estate you may expect to see some domestic wi-fi signals from the private housing.

There should be no other wi-fi broadcasts on campus. Many mobile devices however can themselves act as local wi-fi hotspots and broadcast a signal which may interfere with our network in the local area. If you have such a device you should ensure that any such wi-fi broadcast is switched off. If your device detects any wi-fi broadcast other than those named above then please report this to the Computing and Media Services Helpdesk. Our staff will locate the source of the problem and provide advice to the owner of the offending device.

Last modified: Monday, 31 July 2017, 4:35 PM