Campus Networked Computers and Applications

You will find a number of rooms around the University Campus are equipped with computers. Some of you will have timetabled practical sessions in computer labs but all students have access to computer facilities to complete their own academic work. Computers are provided in the Library and in the 24 hour access room adjacent to the library for personal work. Login with your University username.

The N: Drive

The University provides network file storage space for your personal use. We normally refer to this as “The N: Drive”. When you are logged in to a University computer it will appear as a disk drive on your computer labelled “myusername(\\hyancinth)(N:)”1. Click on that link then click on the folder called “MyWork”. You can use this to store files which you can access from any computer on Campus or from your own computer off-campus via our VPN server . Space on your N: drive is not unlimited but should provide plenty of space for storing your academic work. You are advised however not to allow old files which you no longer need to accumulate. If you run out of space it is most likely to be towards the end of your studies when you are trying to concentrate on completing your dissertation and that's not the best of times to be reviewing and deleting files. Those students whose studies require them to work with multimedia or other applications which can produce very large files will receive advice from their tutors on managing their file storage requirements.

Standard Applications

Some Campus computers have specialist applications installed for the use of students on particular courses but computers in open access areas have a range of standard applications. At the time of writing these include:

  • Adobe Reader

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Premiere pro

  • Adobe Dreamweaver

  • CD BurnerXP

  • Microsoft Word 2010

  • Microsoft Excel 2010

  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2010

  • Microsoft Publisher 2010

  • SPSS Statistics

  • VLC Media Player

Apple Computers

Apple Macintosh computers are used in some specialist areas of study, particularly in Media, Music and Sports.  If you are studying on a programme which requires the use of Apple computers your tutors will introduce you to the Mac computer labs and software.  

1Why 'hyancinth'? That's the name of the server where the data is stored.

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