As a student at Marjon University you are provided with a University email account. The University will use this address to communicate with you so it is most important that you ensure that you check your mail in this account regularly.

To access your University Email account point your web browser at or follow the link from any other University web service. You will need to login using your Marjon University username.

Keeping Some Free Space in your mailbox Outlook Web Login page

The University provides you with as much mail storage space as is reasonably possible. If that space fills up the system will no longer be able to place new messages in it and you may miss out on important messages. For this reason it is important to occasionally look through your old messages and delete those you no longer need. You also need to remember to empty the 'Deleted Items' folder before any space is freed (Tip: right click on 'Deleted Items').

Email on your Smartphone or Tablet

Microsoft produce an Outlook app for both Apple and Android devices which can be downloaded from iTunes or the Play store respectively.

There are more detailed guidelines on setting up the Outlook app to connect to your University email account on Apple devices over at the e-Learning blog.



Last modified: Monday, 31 July 2017, 4:32 PM