LearningSpace: Studying Online


LearningSpace is the UCP Marjon Virtual Learning Environment. It can be accessed via your web browser at https://moodle.marjon.ac.uk from anywhere on the internet. LearningSpace is probably the IT system you will spend most time with during the course of your studies at Marjon University.

When you arrive at LearningSpace you will see the front page but not your list of courses.  

LearningSpace front page - not logged in.

To access your courses you need to login. Please use your Marjon username and password.  When you log in the system will take you to your 'Home' page ( https://moodle.marjon.ac.uk/my ) where the most prominent feature will be your list of courses in the centre of the page.

LearningSpace home page - logged in

What's on your home page?

My Courses

This is the most important bit of the LearningSpace front page. Each module on which you are registered to study at the University will (normally) have a page on LearningSpace although LearningSpace will call it a 'course' rather than a 'module'. Your registration on the module gives you membership of the equivalent course on LearningSpace. You will also probably see that you are a member of some other non-module courses in this list. These will usually be areas which are not specific to any module but which carry more general support resources for your studies.

So what does a LearningSpace course/module contain? That is entirely up to your module tutor(s). You will probably find general information about the module, articles to be read and a news forum which your tutor uses to inform you of important information and events. Don't worry about checking the news forum regularly. Anything posted to the news forum will be automatically emailed to you. You may also find that your tutors put up activities of various types in which you might be expected to participate as part of your studies, for example a discussion forum. Most coursework assignments will be submitted by uploading your work to a 'Turnitin assignment' activity on the module page. The University uses the Turnitin plagiarism checking service and uploaded assignments will be checked for originality.

You will have access to the LearningSpace page for a module for the duration of the academic year in which you are studying it. This means, for example, that you will lose access to your first year modules in LearningSpace when you enter the second year of your course of study. If you think that some resources provided for a module might prove useful in later studies please make sure you have taken a copy of the resources before the end of the academic year.

Upcoming Events

This box, by default appears near the top left of the page. It will show the dates of any Turnitin coursework submission deadlines which are approaching and may also show any special events that your tutors may have put into their module calendar. It will not show information about your regularly scheduled lectures or seminars. To view these use the Timetable link in the "Quick Links" box or in the "My Marjon" drop down menu at the top of the page.

The Blue Menu

At the top of every page on LearningSpace is a blue coloured 'click and drop down' menu.  From here you can access vast amounts of information to help and support you in your studies.

The 'Study and Learn' menu

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