The Helpdesk and Student IT Support Workers


Sometimes things go wrong or seem to go wrong or you just can't work out how to do something which you are sure should be simple. If these things are anything to do with our network or computing facilities then you need the Computing Services Helpdesk. The helpdesk is located in the 24 hour computer room which is just 'downhill' from the library. You can access it either through the external door for which you will need to use the keycode given to you during registration or you can access it via the Library. If you are not on campus then you can phone the helpdesk on 01752 636700 extension 4333. You can also email us at . A telephone call is preferred as that facilitates the sort of question and answer session often needed to get to the root of the problem but we recognise that might not always be practical, especially for those students based outside the UK. If you are emailing your problem to us please try to include as much information as possible about the nature of the problem and quote your student number, your full name and your home address for identification purposes. We may ask for other information if we are still unsure as to your identity. Please send from your UCP Marjon email account if that is possible. One advantage of email is that we can forward the message directly to another department if we feel that the solution lies elsewhere.

The Helpdesk is open from Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm and on Friday from 9am to 2pm and 3:30pm to 5pm.

Student IT Support Workers

When you come into the 24 hour Computer Room you will see a desk just to the left of the helpdesk. This is the base for our student IT support workers and during office hours there will normally be somebody at this desk. Smile and wave at them. These people are students studying at Marjon University just like you but they have lots of IT skills and are employed by the University to help you. If you have any sort of IT related problem ask them about it first. They may be able to sort out your difficulties straight away or come over to the computer you are working on and show you how to do something. If they can't help you themselves they will pass you on to the helpdesk.

The Helpdesk and SITS staff area - unmanned

Passed Around

We know that you hate being passed around from one helpdesk to another, what you may not have considered is that we hate having to do it. We would much rather be able to solve your problems ourselves on the spot. Unfortunately it is in the nature of things that some problems which manifest themselves as an IT failure have their origins elsewhere. We hope you can forgive us if, after having described the problem, you are advised you to go to another helpdesk somewhere else in the University. We are most often likely to redirect you either to the Registry helpdesk, the Library helpdesk or to E-Learning support (which is where I work – Hi!). We will try to do it as politely as possible, even if it is the 20th time we have heard about that particular issue.

Frowny face graphicSystems Failure!!

We hope it never happens and that we have 100% uptime but our computer systems are just machinery and machines occasionally fail. If some system fails we try our best to make sure that students and staff are aware of it as soon as possible. We will publish information about the system failure and expectations we have of resumption of normal service on the UCP Marjon Community Hub Newsletter at  Planned downtime for upgrades and the like will be published in advance on the Hub newsletter.

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