Frequently Asked Questions regarding formatting

The page numbers have gone all strange in my appendix – what have I done?
It is most likely that you have inserted either a ‘section break’ or a ‘continuous section break’ on that page (particularly when you are line numbering interview transcripts) and this will cause your page numbering to start from page 1 (or 2). To sort this out, double-click in the footer of the incorrect page number, Select Page Number command from the Design tab/Header and Footer group. Select Format Page Numbers… Select Continue from previous section. You may need to repeat this process numerous times if you have many sections.

How do I insert my questionnaires into the appendices? I have saved them as PDF documents.
It is not recommended to insert the PDF documents in the appendices as this is a very lengthy process and can increase the file size considerably. It is best to scan any hard copies of questionnaires as JPEG images (using our printers on campus – it’s free!) and then insert them as images in the appendices.

I have inserted figures and graphs in my appendices - do I need to caption them?
If you have included a graph/image in the appendices you will not require a caption. If you have inserted a graph/image/diagram within your body text (in the chapters of your dissertation) then you must caption them. Once they have a caption, the List of Figures can be refreshed.

My Figures and Tables don't show up on the List of Figures/ List of Tables page.
You will need to insert captions for the graphs and the tables in your dissertation first. If you have not done this before refer to the document in the 'Additional dissertation related guides' section. Captions will only be inserted correctly if you have not changed the wrapping of the graph/image/table. If you click on the caption and a dotted border appears around it - go back and check the text wrapping of the graph/image/table (see document titled Wrapping in Line With Text...'  in the additional dissertation related guides section). Refresh the List of Figures and List of Tables to update the List of Figures and List of Tables - you can do this by right-clicking on the list and selecting 'Update Field' and then 'Update Entire Table'.

Why do I have some blank spaces in my Navigation Pane on the left?
An empty space means that you have applied a Heading 1, Heading 2, or Heading 3 text style to an empty line. Click on the blank line in the navigation pane and check to see whether you need to delete that line, or change the text style to Normal.

I only have a few pages in my dissertation that I want to print in colour – how do I go about printing?
Print the entire dissertation in black and white (single sided) and then go back and reprint the few pages that need to be printed in colour. Replace the black and white pages with the colour ones. Refer to the ‘Printing specific pages of a document that contains section breaks’ guide (in Additional short guides section) to ensure you are printing the correct pages. If are sending your dissertation for printing to the CopyShop, all pages will be printed in colour.

Why does my PDF document look different to the original Word document?
This will most likely happen if you are using a Mac. On some Mac computers, the Word document may shrink, or look completely different when converted into a PDF file. Also sometimes when saving a Word file as a PDF file on a Mac you will notice that only half of the page number is visible when printing. If you are using a Mac and encountering problems, try to save your Word document as a PDF using our computers on campus.

My document is too large to upload onto Turnitin, what do I do?
The maximum file size for online submission is 40 MB. If you have too many images then you will be using up a lot of file space. Ensure that you have inserted images and pictures as JPEGs and not PDFs, Making images larger on the screen will also increase the file size. Saving the Word document as a PDF will also reduce the file size – and you can then upload the PDF document.

Last modified: Wednesday, 17 April 2019, 5:22 PM