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The resit deadline is Friday 30th July - all resit coursework should be submitted before the deadline specified in the resit/deferred work task sheet.

A further attempt, following initial failure, at an individual assessment, without the requirement to repeat any attendance. The module mark is capped at the pass mark which is 40% for undergraduate modules and 50% for postgraduate modules.

Resits have to be taken in the resit period (which will be specified by the Board) and there is a resit fee payable.

The Progression and Award Board can only allow students to resit up to half the credits required for the stage, which for undergraduates means 60 out of the 120 required. For most undergraduate students this is 3 modules. 

Students must pass whatever resit assessment is set in order to pass the module - resit marks cannot be combined with previous marks.

Please refer to the section Resits & Deferrals for more details, including deadlines, resit fees etc.



Deferred assessments (due to valid Extenuating Circumstances for original assessment)

If students have valid Extenuating Circumstances recorded against a module and they did not submit within 10 consecutive working days of the original deadline, they are eligible to attempt a new assessment for an uncapped mark by the resit deadline.

There are no resit fees due where valid Extenuating Circumstances have been applied against a module. 



Excluded - not eligible to continue on the current programme

If students fail more than 50% of the credits for the stage they will be excluded. This means they cannot continue on their current programme.

Students who have been excluded by the Progression & Award Board may or may not be permitted to apply to retake their current year of study. Students may apply to retake on the same programme or may decide to apply to transfer to a new programme.

Students will need to get the approval of their Programme Leader and discuss the financial implications with the Student Finance Welfare Officer in Student Support both will need to sign a Retake Form.

Retake Forms will be provided to eligible students.



For full details on condonement, please click on this link:   Section 6 Retrieval of Failure

The Progression and Award Board can allow undergraduate students to progress to the next stage or award a degree with a failure in up to 20 credits. To qualify for condonement, students must have a mark of at least 30% for the failed module and have passed all other modules at the current stage. If a module mark is condoned, the mark will be recorded on the final transcript and included in the degree classification calculation and credits are confirmed.

If Year 1 students are eligible for condonement and the module mark does not count towards the final degree classification, then they may be automatically condoned by the board.  In Years 2 and 3 the module marks all count towards the final degree classification so the board will always offer a resit before considering condonement.

If, at the end of the year of study, students have failed more than one module they are always offered the opportunity to resit their failed modules first.  If modules are still eligible to be condoned they are then normally condoned at the following resit board.

If a degree classification cannot be improved by a resit, the board may decide to condone automatically.  This decision is only taken by the board if students are in the final year of study.

Some modules cannot be condoned - this is because they have specific learning outcomes that must be met in order for students to be eligible for the degree.  Students should refer to their Programme Specification in the first instance - click on this link: Programme Specification



Students may be given the opportunity to retake modules as a further attempt, following an initial or, exceptionally, a second failure. The student must complete all the assessments required in the next delivery of the module and gain sufficient marks to pass the module. The mark for the repeated module is capped at the module pass mark. In some instances individual candidates will be permitted a retake with or without attendance.

Retake students are required to attend and participate fully, and take all the assessments for the year again and no marks can be carried over.



If you would like to appeal against the decision of the Progressions and Award Board please consult the current Student Regulations Framework for details of the University appeals process and, in particular, the grounds under which an appeal can be lodged.  You must lodge your intention to appeal by requesting an appeals form by emailing the Academic Standards Officer Norman Jope; in the first instance. 

Completed appeal forms must be received by the Academic Standards Officer, along with all the relevant supporting documentation, no later than Wednesday 14th August 2019. Any appeals received after that point will normally be disregarded. Please note, moreover, that all appeals must be lodged on the appropriate form in order to be valid.


Please email with any queries.

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