Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

To be eligible for the degree of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and PGCE (both Professional Graduate Certificate in Education and Postgraduate Certificate in Education) students must meet ALL the standards of the programme and pass both the Numeracy & Literacy skills tests.

Students are allocated a Teacher Reference Number (often referred to as TRN), which is activated on successful completion of the programme and skills tests.

In 2015, students are eligible for 3 attempts at the skills tests, if students have not passed those tests by Friday 3rd July their degree results will be witheld.

Students that pass the 2 skills tests after Friday 3rd July 2015 should email the Assessments Officer, Susanna Nutley snutley@marjon.ac.uk so that the necessary checks can be made to confirm the award of either BEd or PGCE and so that the University can recommend QTS to the National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL).

Students that fail the skills tests for the third time will be contacted with guidance after the publication of results.


QTS Certificate

The digital QTS certificate is issued by the NCTL.

It will be emailed to students private email addresses (not their University email account) approximately 2 weeks after the results have been published.

Students should note that access to University email ends 90 days after the end of their course.

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