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1 Why use Discovery?

Simple. It's the best way to start your research.Back to top

2 Where is Discovery?

Find out how to start looking for books, journals and research papers.Back to top

Two great tips to make your research more targeted.Back to top

An effective way to speed up your research.Back to top

5 Searching for academic journals only.

Find out how to access our journal collections.Back to top

6 How do I access a journal article that I've found?

A guide to opening and saving articles.Back to top

7 Why can't I find the full text of the article I found?

Some articles do not contain text – find out why.Back to top

8 How do I get to read journal articles that are 'abstract-only'?

An introduction to Inter-Library Loans.Back to top

9 How can I use Discovery to find printed books in the Library?

A quick and easy way to browse our physical book collection.Back to top

10 How do I use Discovery to find E-books?

Find out how to search for e-books.Back to top

11 How do I view the E-books I find?

A simple demonstration of how to read or save e-books.Back to top

12 What features do the E-books have?

Learn how to navigate within e-books.Back to top

13 How do I save my search results?

A really useful way to store and track your research findings.Back to top

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