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Year 4 Placement Support Visits

Year 4 Placement Support Visits

by Julia Stewart -
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Information for YEAR 4 Placement Support Visits

 As you know we aim to visit all year 4 students during their final block placement.

 In the past this visit has included:

  • watching them work with a client
  •  discussing that client
  • a tutorial type discussion to cover placement progress and questions (with PE)
  • discussion re progress towards module coursework assessment
  • discussion re clinical exam video
  • AOB the student wishes to raise


This year we need to change the format slightly while retaining the key elements that provide relevant support for both you and the student’s learning

To this end we will remove the client observation part of the visit so that the support visit comprises a tutorial type session to discuss:

  • placement expectations
  • student progress
  • any queries
  • the year’s coursework and clinical exam
  • AOB


NB  If you or the student, specifically requests that we observe them working with a client we will, of course, be happy to do this.


Vicki Walters will be planning a coherent visiting timetable for tutors based on where everyone is based  eg I may have 4 days in the Bristol area visiting everyone who is based there rather than several of us travelling up and down over a few weeks.

The aim is to get visits done in the earlier stages of the placement to check all is well – they are NOT assessment visits so it doesn’t matter what stage students are at in their clinical skills development.

 Because we do not need to see students with a client, Vicki will give you a visit date/time in the first instance and we can then amend it if necessary.

 We envisage that visits will last about an hour (PEs do not need to be there all the time as some of the time will focus on coursework discussions) and we are happy to come and see you wherever you are – no need to make special arrangements. And if there’s somewhere to take you for coffee that would be great!


Many thanks