Marjon Dysphagia Competencies

These are the competencies used by students at Marjon. They are adapted from the RCSLT competencies: occasional words have been changed, they have been put in different order and colour coded, for ease of reference, but the competencies themselves are the same.

All students achieve Level A as part of their university learning. It is included for your reference only.

Practical skills from levels B & C can be achieved while on clinical placement: we aim for all students to be working towards level C at a practical level by the end of the programme, reflecting the potential for them to achieve a high level of SLT specific experience gained in a relevant clinical setting.  

Students are expected to achieve 40 hours of self-directed study relating to eating, drinking, swallowing and dysphagia, this is in addition to their university work and should be tailored to their practical experience and clinical interests. It is likely that this will contribute to both levels B and C competencies.