• Welcome to SLTD04 Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics!

    In this module you will build on the knowledge and skills you acquired last year in SLTC02 Phonetics and Phonology and SLTC03 Introduction to Linguistics.  You will have the opportunity to refine your phonetic transcription and grammatical analysis skills and apply these to both typical and atypical speech and language data.  You will also learn new analysis methods to assist you in your interpretation of clinical speech data and develop your understanding of how transcription and analysis inform clinical management decisions.  The ability to describe speech and language samples systematically and objectively is a core clinical skill and as such will complement and support your learning on other modules throughout the program. 

    Module Lead:Dr Sally Bates, sbates@marjon.ac.uk 

  • There are three exams for this module: phonological analysis (2 hrs), grammatical analysis (2hrs) (each worth 35% of the total module mark) and phonetic transcription (20 minutes) (worth 30% of the total module mark).  

    Please see the Learning Resources folder for the PPSA and LARSP pro-formas

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