Topic outline

  • What is Studiosity?

    Studiosity is an on-demand academic feedback service that Marjon subscribes to. There are 2 parts to the service: 

    Writing Feedback platform: upload a file and get formative feedback in less than 24 hours on your structure, idea development, grammar and referencing. 

    Connect Live app: the instant access app for asking a quick question - the specialist won't give you the answer, but they will work with you until you figure it out!

    How does it work?

    You'll need to be logged into Learning Space first in order to access Studiosity - login here. Once you've logged in, just click on the banner below to access the service, and Studiosity will ask you to set up a security PIN to use each time. 
    You have 10 interactions over the academic year, whether that is uploading an essay for feedback or having a chat with one of the subject specialists via the app. once you log into the service, you will see how many submissions you have remaining.