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  • General

    Information relating to Exams, In-class tests & Additional Arrangements

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  • Exam Timetables

  • Additional Arrangements / Extra Time

    If you believe that you require Additional Arrangements (for medical or other valid reasons) that have not already been confirmed you should contact Student Support as soon as possible. Your requirements together with relevant evidence will be discussed in a confidential setting and you will then complete a 'Requests for Additional Arrangements'.

    Any such requests need to be received by Registry at least two weeks before an exam or in-class test is taking place.  If arrangements cannot be made in time then students can apply for Extenuating Circumstances to defer the assessment to a later period.

    • Extenuating Circumstances for Exams

      By sitting an exam you are confirming that you are fit to do so. If you are unable to sit the examination due to illness or for other valid reasons you must submit the completed Extenuating Circumstances Form to Registry, together with full documentary evidence (see the Student Regulations Framework, Section 4 ‘Extenuating Circumstances’).

      An Extenuating Circumstances form can be downloaded from the 'Student Forms' section.

      • Exam Results

        Following an exam, marks are published within the specified marking period on the respective module page on Learning Space.

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        Confirmed module marks will be published at the end of each academic year and following the Progression & Award Board via Learning Space.

        Date for the publication of confirmed results can be found on the relevant Assessment Calendar in the main Registry page.