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    You will be taking lots of different types of assessment during your studies at Marjon and you will need to balance your workload to ensure that you can submit these on time or attend on a specific date. We know that there may be times when there are other factors in your life which are beyond your control which might prevent you from submitting a piece of coursework or attending an exam. We call these 'extenuating circumstances'.

    If you think you have extenuating circumstances which prevent you from attending or submitting an assessment or which affects your ability to prepare for an assessment, then you will need to put in an application to have these circumstances considered by the University, along with evidence of the circumstances.

    It is important that you read the Section 4 of the Student Regulations Framework (for the current academic year) which tells you about the process for making a claim and what types of factors we will consider.

    You will then need to complete the Extenuating Circumstances form (see below) and return it, along with scanned supporting evidence, to extenuatingcircumstances@marjon.ac.uk

    Please also refer to the Assessment Calendar to ensure you do not miss the deadlines.

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