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    There may be times when there are factors in your life which are beyond your control which might stop you from being able to submit a piece of coursework or attend an exam. We call these 'extenuating circumstances' or ECs. 

    If you think you have ECs, you will need to put in an application to have these circumstances considered by the University, along with relevant evidence of the circumstances. Your application will then be considered in accordance with section 4 of the Student Regulations Framework.

    What are Extenuating Circumstances?

    • We define “extenuating circumstances” as “critical matters that result in a major short-term impact on a student’s ability to be able to complete, or submit, or attend an assessment”
    • ECs cannot usually be valid for more than twenty working days – you should seek advice from our Student Support team if your circumstances exceed this period
    • We operate a ‘Fit to Sit/Submit’ approach to claiming Extenuating Circumstances (ECs).
    • This means that if you submit an assessment or sit an exam then you have decided you are fully able to submit/sit and you therefore cannot then claim ECs; the only exception to this would be where you can provide independent proof that you were unable to make a rational decision at the time of the assessment.

    What do I do if I think I have ECs?

    • You should familiarise yourself with the University regulations concerning ECs – these can be found in section 4 of the Student Regulations Framework 
    • You will need to be aware of the deadlines set for submission of applications for ECs – you can find these on the assessment calendar 
    • To make a claim for ECs, please submit a completed EC form and provide appropriate supporting evidence– the form and information about supporting evidence can be found below
    • You also have the option to self-certify under category A for periods of up to 7 consecutive days – we will normally not consider this form of evidence more than once in any academic year
    • If you are registered with the Disability and Inclusion Advice Service (DIAS) and your circumstances relate to reasons known to them, then DIAS may be able to submit your claim on your behalf without the need for supporting evidence each time you submit a claim. Please note, you cannot claim for ECs via DIAS in a resit period.
    • EC forms and supporting evidence should be sent to ExtenuatingCircumstances@marjon.ac.uk

    What sort of evidence should I submit?

    What happens next?

    • You will receive official notification from us to your Marjon email account to inform you of the outcome of your EC application
    • If your ECs are found to be valid, you will be given the option to either:

        • sit the exam in the next exam period or opportunity, or
        • submit the assessment within 10 working days of the first deadline for an uncapped mark as your first attempt (in which case you are confirming you are now fit), or
        • defer the assessment for an uncapped mark in the resit period (when this would count as your first attempt) - this would be a new assessment

    • If you have applied for ECs for more than one piece of work from the same module with the same assessment date, you can either choose to hand in all the work for that module within the 10 working days or, if you are still not ‘fit to submit/sit’, choose to do it all in the resit period (these will be new assessments).

    What do I do if I need help or advice with my claim?

    • Our Student Support team can advise you on ECs and whether they think your claim is likely to be found valid.
    • They can also advice you on what types of evidence you can submit.
    • Student Support’s contact details can be found here

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    As per the Assessment Calendar, the published deadline for Extenuating Circumstances claims to be received for Resit/Deferred assessments is Friday 7th August at 4pm

    All extenuating circumstances claims for resit work will be subject to the usual Student Regulations Framework rules and therefore must be accompanied by the required evidence as set out in the Regulations (see link below).   

    To clarify, the easing of the Regulations introduced during the peak of the COVID19 pandemic will no longer apply and Self-Certification will not be accepted if you have Already used this before during this academic year.  Evidence should now be obtainable and included with claims.  Completed EC forms and relevant evidence must be submitted by the above date to extenuatingcircumstances@marjon.ac.uk.  The claim will then be considered and students will receive notification of the outcome once decisions have been made.

    If evidence to support the claim is not available, the claim form must still be submitted by the above deadline with evidence to follow within 10 working days.

    If further help or guidance regarding extenuating circumstances applications is required please contact Student Support at studentsupport@marjon.ac.uk.

    Link to Student Regulations Framework: https://www.marjon.ac.uk/about-marjon/institutional-documents/student-regulations-framework-2019-20/SRF-2019-20-section-04-extenuating-circumstances.pdf

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