• Going For Gold

    Dissertation time is looming on the horizon and you may be feeling a bit unsure, or even nervous, about how to set about the work you have ahead.

    Well don’t worry, help is at hand! We’re re-running the hugely successful ‘Going for Gold’ programme.

    As with previous years, not only are we offering you fantastically useful help but we are also giving away one set of free dissertation covers and binding to all third year students that complete just three sessions! Feel free to come to as many as you want though, if you want to!

  • Dissertation Formatting

    With: Mersedes Farjad (ITTS)
    Where: ITTS Training Room (W109)

    This session will cover essentials of using Word to format your dissertation professionally.  We cover topics such as;

    • Structure and document layout of the dissertation
    • Insert table of contents
    • Create front cover
    • Alternate page numbering (Roman numerals and controlling page numbers)
    • Inserting captions and inserting table of figures
    • Working with tables
    • Sorting references in alphabetical order

    At the end of the session you will end up with a dissertation template ready to use!

    Session duration: 2.5 hours

  • Discovery (Academic Journal Databases)

    With: Steven Gunard (Library)
    Where: ITTS Training Room (W109)

    This session covers how to use Discovery’s powerful, but easy to use, search tools to find quality information that will inform your dissertation literature review.

    Both the main methods of searching Discovery are covered, as well as how to access full text articles and what to do when you can’t.

    A good session if you need a Discovery refresher, but if you are a successful Discovery user already then maybe the Discovery+ session would be better suited for you.

    Session duration: 30 minutes

    • Discovery+

      With: Steven Gunard (Library)
      Where: ITTS Training Room (W109)

      Here we explore ways to expand your searching using Boolean Logic in Discovery as well as introducing Google Scholar, Scopus and Mendeley and other advanced search strategies that will take your research to the next level.

      The session is aimed at students already familiar with the ‘Advanced Search’ feature of Discovery. If this isn’t you, start with the basic Discovery session!

      Session duration: 30 minutes

      • Effective Internet Searching

        With: Steven Gunard (Library)
        Where: ITTS Training Room (W109)

        Covers how to get the best out of Google searching on the open web, for academic work.

        This means not only search strategies and top tips but also including how to ensure that what you find is suitable to use.

        To this end you will learn a simple method of evaluation developed by the State University of California.

        Session duration: 30 minutes

        • Organising Your Information

          With: Steven Gunard (Library)
          Where: ITTS Training Room (W109)

          Or ‘OK, I’ve found a load of stuff, now what do I do with it?!’ This fills that awkward gap between finding stuff and writing up your dissertation.

          Not only do we cover notetaking but also ways of organising your notes and material so that you can actually find it when you need it, but also in a way that helps you write your literature review the way it should be written.

          Hint: the earlier you start using a system the easier it is for you. Do this session early on, then?

          Session duration: 30 minutes

          • Mendeley

            With: Steven Gunard (Library)
            Where: ITTS Training Room (W109)

            What is Mendeley? What can I use it for? How do I install it?

            We’ll cover as much as we can in 30 minutes to get you up and running with managing your PDFs of journal articles.

            You’ll learn how to search, tag, annotate, highlight, organise and retrieve. Best of all, learn to use Mendeley in conjunction with Microsoft Word to add in-text citations and reference lists with the minimum of effort.

            It’s referencing made easy!

            Session duration: 30 minutes

            • Book Sessions Now

              Use the link below to book your sessions.

              Remember, to qualify for your free set of covers and binding you’ll need at least 3 stamps on your card, one of which must be Dissertation Formatting.

            • Going For Gold Online

              To earn your stamps for a free cover and binding watch the videos below and do the quizzes. You will get one stamp for each successfully completed quiz. If you complete both quizzes you will then only need to come on-campus to do the Dissertation Formatting session with Mersedes. Stamps and cards can be collected from the Library reception desk from the Monday following your successful completion. Be aware that should you not pass a quiz, the next attempt may give you completely different questions, so watch carefully!

              Note that the videos are best viewed 'full-screen' so that you can see the screen-capture clearly.