• Going For Gold

    The Final Lap 

    Going for Gold sessions have now finished but our support to you doesn’t end there. 

    If you’re a third year the Going for Gold team are still on hand to help. 

    Dissertation Formatting:

    We have allocated all of April to seeing dissertation students and are offering support in two formats:

    Mornings: You have the option of booking an appointment for the mornings - half hour slots are available from 9:30 to 12:30. If you log onto learning space and go to the ITTS section (Quick links on the right hand side of the homepage) there is an allocated section for drop-in bookings.  Click here to book.  Make sure that you are logged onto Learning Space in order to book. (If you see an ‘Enrol Me’ button you can self-enrol) If you have any problems booking, let us know. 

    Afternoons: from 2:30 onwards in the afternoon it will be a drop-in session (first come, first serve) – no booking required for the afternoon drop-in sessions, just turn up and take a number.

    Discovery (Academic Journal Databases), Effective Internet Searching, Organising Your Information and Mendeley

    Steve Gunard is on hand to answer your queries and point you in the right direction.

    You can email him direct sgunard@marjon.ac.uk or pop along to the Library desk.

    GfG team: Steven Gunard and Mersedes Farjad

    • How It Works

      Here’s how it works: Over the coming weeks the GfG team will be running timetabled sessions to take you through subjects like finding information using our online resources, effectively searching the internet, using Mendeley, and Dissertation Formatting.

      Attend three sessions and collect three stamps (one of which must be Dissertation Formatting) on your ‘Going for Gold’ card* and you will receive a free set of covers and binding for one of your dissertation copies. **

      • When will they be? We’ve set up sessions on a variety of days and times to try and suit as many different timetables as possible. To see the full timetable, click on each session below
      • Where do I go? Check the timetable on the booking page for all sessions.
      • How do I book?  Reserve a place by clicking on the links provided for each session (you must be logged in as a student).

      Places are allocated on a first come first served basis; book early to avoid disappointment.

      Remember, to qualify for your free set of covers and binding you’ll need at least 3 stamps on your card, one of which must be Dissertation Formatting.

      Terms & Conditions *Available from the Library or from Going for Gold sessions. **The offer is for a set of covers and binding only, not for printing the dissertation itself. To qualify, your three stamps must include a stamp from attending a Dissertation Formatting session and two from the other sessions. Only one set of set of covers and dissertation binding per student. Please note that stamps are not transferable if you lose your card!

      • Dissertation Formatting

        With: Mersedes Farjad (ITTS)
        Where: ITTS Training Room (W109)

        This session will cover essentials of using Word to format your dissertation professionally.  We cover topics such as;

        • Structure and document layout of the dissertation
        • Insert table of contents
        • Create front cover
        • Alternate page numbering (Roman numerals and controlling page numbers)
        • Inserting captions and inserting table of figures
        • Working with tables
        • Sorting references in alphabetical order

        At the end of the session you will end up with a dissertation template ready to use!

        Session duration: 2.5 hours

      • Discovery (Academic Journal Databases)

        With: Steven Gunard (Library)
        Where: W304

        How to use the powerful, but easy to use, search tools in Discovery to find quality information to inform your dissertation and use in your literature review.

        Session duration: 30 minutes

      • Discovery+

        With: Steven Gunard (Library)
        Where: W304

        For those that are already familiar with Discovery we explore ways to expand your searching using Boolean Logic and other advanced search strategies that will take your research to the next level.

        Session duration: 30 minutes

      • Effective Internet Searching

        With: Steven Gunard (Library)
        Where: W304

        How to get the best out of Google searching for academic work, including how to ensure that what you find is suitable to use.

        Session duration: 30 minutes

      • Organising Your Information

        With: Steven Gunard (Library)
        Where: W304

        ‘OK, I’ve found a load of stuff, now what do I do with it?!’

        New to last year’s ‘Going for Gold’ programme it fills that awkward gap between finding stuff and actually writing up your dissertation.

        Session duration: 30 minutes

      • Mendeley

        With: Steven Gunard (Library)
        Where: W304

        What is Mendeley? What can I use it for? How do I install it?

        We’ll cover as much as we can in 30 minutes to get you up and running with managing your PDFs, referencing, annotating and generally getting those pesky PDFs in order!

        Session duration: 30 minutes