• Welcome

    Welcome to the University of St Mark & St John’s online guidance for schools: getting started with action research. This resource has been designed to support teachers and support staff in taking that first step into the world of action research.

    The aims of this resource are to help you to:

    • Consider why engaging with research is important;
    • Understand how you can get started with basic action research in your own work setting;
    • Apply a basic writing framework to help structure your action research and learning;
    • Discuss ways in which you can share your learning with others;
    • Understand the next steps on the research ladder: what options are available to you? How can the University of St Mark & St John support you?

    As knowing where to start with research is often the biggest hurdle, this online resource aims to provide you with a simple framework to help formulate your ideas, plan your actions and evaluate your learning. The intention being that you will have a clear structure to follow which will prompt your thinking and actions at each stage of your research journey.

    As you work through the following pages, you will be directed towards useful resources and additional reading. You will also be given specific tasks to complete and opportunities to reflect on your learning as you progress through your action research project. The following icons are used consistently throughout this online resource to enable you to navigate the resource easily and to help you get the most out of this learning tool:

    When you see this icon, you will be asked to complete a specific task/activity that will help move you along on your research journey.

    Whenever you see this icon, you will be asked to reflect on your learning so far. A series of questions will be posed to help you reflect effectively.

    This icon directs you to further recommended reading linked to each stage of the research process.

    The rationale: why is it useful for you to engage with research?